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Operations Management

Operations Management


Pilot your company safely through difficult times and take an active part in the management of your business.


I would be glad to assist you regarding:


  • the identification of the individual pivotal facts in your business
  • the determination of targets that will lead to the success of your company
  • the planning of the development of your business
  • the choice of adequate key indicators and/or reports to measure your success
  • the analysis of your costs to find potential cost savings
  • the classification of your fixed costs in order that you have a lock on them
  • the implementation of controlling tools for the successful management of your company
  • the compilation of specific key indicators/reports for functions such as sales, production, data processing etc.


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Strategic Controlling

Strategic Controlling


Assure the long term success of your company by taking into account


  • the future developments or your specific line of business and
  • general changes in the business environment


when you work out your long term targets.


I would be pleased to assist you with the following:


  • the evaluation of the chances and risks or your products and markets with the help of the portfolio analysis so that you place your emphasis on high potential products and markets
  • the determination of the life cycles of your products or services in order that you can realize replacements on time
  • the calculation of the future success of products or services to be developed with the target costing
  • the identification of targets that will keep you in line with the best of your business line via benchmarking
  • the compilation of your individual balanced scorecard so that you easily have an eye on all functions of your business


How do you assure the long term success of your company?

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Management Consultation

Management Consultation


Businesses are subject to constant changes. Increase your efficiency and be ahead of others – include these changes in your company’s development.


The world changes rapidly today. It is therefore sometimes necessary to adapt your organization to new requirements. Causes and consequences might be:


  • cost pressures that requires the merger of functions
  • an increasing size of the business making a specialization necessary
  • a higher profitability requiring the outsourcing of functions such as HR
  • a merger or a change of proprietor makes new structures necessary
  • a higher degree of teamwork makes a restructuring obligatory
  • an amelioration of the potentials of employees used requires a reorganization


I will analyze the present situation, plan the new structures in line with your ideas and support you during the implementation.


Your resources will be spared and possible conflicts avoided as changes are more easily accepted if they are presented by external consultants.


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Process Management

Process management


Continuous changes within a company sometimes require a reorganization of the processes to maintain the profitability.


Potential causes might be:


  • an increasing number of employees makes a direct and efficient communication impossible
  • the implementation of software often requires an adaption of the processes concerned according to the workflow of the software
  • the outsourcing of functions must be accompanied by a change of the relevant processes to assure that they remain part of business
  • customer requirements may make a change of the processes with the sales and marketing department necessary


I will analyze the present processes, develop a first draft subject to your agreement and support you during the implementation.


Your resources will be spared and the workflow will become more efficient.


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You have a shortage of labor in your finance or controlling department? Your employees do not have surplus capacities for non-routine activities?


I would be glad to assist regarding:


  • the implementation of a cash flow calculation allowing you to have a quick overview of your incoming and outgoing payments
  • the calculation of the profitability of investments so that they will pay off
  • the calculation of prices in order that you do not forget costs in your calculation and increase your profit
  • the calculation of hourly/daily rates so that your work is worth the trouble.



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You always wanted to know a bit more about controlling? Theoretically you are well informed but you lack the necessary practice?


Whether beginner or advanced student, whether clerk or manger; benefit from small classes and lessons with plenty of exercises and apply your acquired knowledge immediately.


Workshops usually take place during my interim management engagement, at professional organizations or special events. But I also share my knowledge during in-house trainings or individual lessons. Languages of instruction are German, English and French.


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